The Breast Milk Calculator App will tell you how much breast milk the baby is likely getting from the breast per day and per feeding. The app was developed using the RDA formulas per age known to calculate how much energy a baby needs to keep his weight the same. Beginning at 2 weeks of age when baby has regained his birth weight, the calculations go all the way up to six months of age. After six months of age the introduction of solid foods make the calculation more difficult so the app stops there.

By entering baby’s birth date and current weight, the app will calculate how many ounces of breast milk baby needs to keep his weight the same and how much more he might need to gain weight. By entering how many feedings the baby typically takes in 24 hours, the app will then calculate how much baby is likely taking from the breasts at each feeding.

If baby is gaining weight, this app reassures the mother of how much milk her baby’s actually taking –positive reinforcement to the mother who is wondering how well she is breastfeeding. It is handy to calculate how much milk to leave for the sitter, if Mom has returned to work. For those women using a feeding tube device at the breast, the app will calculate how much breast milk baby gets from the breast in addition to milk from the feeding tube at each feeding. Dieticians use these RDA formulas every day when working with infants – now their iPhone or iPod Touch will instantly do the work for them.

This handy app will also calculate baby’s weight in pounds and ounces, change it to kilograms, and back to pounds and ounces again. Parents and health care providers faced with both numeric systems will have a handy conversion.

Click here or on the image to go to the iTunes store and purchase the App. Or, even easier, search Breastfeeding directly through the App button on your iPhone or Touch.

Our Breast Milk Calculator has made it to the list of top 200 medical apps!

Geddes Productions, LLCThese calculations are also available on three of our laminated Quick Reference Cards for those who cannot access apps from the iStore.