Conference Dates

Lecture Topics


of Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC

The Breast Pump as a Transitional Support Device with NICU Babies and the Importance of Re-uniting the Mother-baby Couple to Feeding at the Breast

90 minutes

Supporting the mother pumping for the preterm baby in the NICU can be complex. Learn the new research suggestions for initiating and maintaining her milk supply so that she goes home breastfeeding. Helping the pump dependant mom who has not begun to breastfeed make that transition. Skin to skin in laid-back positioning is key.

Baby-led and Laid-back Breastfeeding:
How it Impacts Sore Nipples, Engorgement and Longer Time per Feeding at the Breast

60 minutes

Having trained the entire nursing and physician staff at LAC+USC Medical Center in baby-led and laid-back positioning, we noticed a dramatic drop in the incidence of nipple soreness. Audits bore that out. Because the mothers were so comfortable, they let the baby feed until he was sated which reduced engorgement and revealed the milk was in by 48 hours.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Multi-user Breast Pump

90 minutes

Understand how the multi-user electric breast pump works and how to set it up for the stressed mother whose baby if in the NICU. Learn the safety issues of pumps and how to convey this to the families so that the pre-term baby is protected. The bottom line: follow manufacturer’s instructions!

The Frenotomy Procedure

60 minutes

Listen to this pediatric nurse practitioner , who has been doing frenotomies for thirty years, describe to the physician and mid-level practitioner how this simple procedure is done for the anterior and posterior ankyloglossia.

Improving Breastfeeding Success for the Preterm Infant

90 minutes

Skin to skin maternal laid-back position with baby-led attachment for the facilitation of better breastfeeding in the preterm infant as early as 30 weeks! Components of the infant suckle at the breast will be described and suggestions will be given for improved feeding for those infants who have difficulty.

one hospital's journey finding wisdom in baby friendly

Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center was the first hospital in the nation to receive the Baby Friendly designation on the new 4D Pathway. Using Laid Back/Baby Led Breastfeeding during their own staff training, their staff passed the FIRST audit even though the hospital has a jail ward, is the HIV center for the County with multiple high risk patients. Hear how they did it with practical hints for your specific needs.

90 min

barriers and solutions: patient education and staff education

Learn how a hospital can design its own teaching program for staff that really works! Ideas for patient education you can adopt.

60 min.

The History of Attachment

How we came from no instruction in the 1960’s to micro-managing the latch, making mothers feel performance anxiety, to watching the baby do it perfectly on his own now.

90 min.

The First 72 Hours

A journey through baby’s first 72 hours observing his natural patterns and rhythms. Baby's growth and development changes with each 24 hours, help the parents see the wonder of it all.

90 min.

Unusual Breasts & Nipples

Understanding what has happened structurally indicates how to work around it for successful breastfeeding.

60 min.

Why Would a Breastfed Baby Loose Weight?

Working up a list of possibilities for mother & baby; including how to facilitate weight gain while continuing breastfeeding.

90 min.

Results of Using Baby Led Breastfeeding in Laid Back Positioning in the Hospital

This helps moms to let baby nurse longer in perfect comfort. Hear how this significantly eliminates engorgement and drastically reduces sore nipples while saving staff time.

60 min.

Saving Babies in a Disaster: What Some Think May Help……. Won’t

A look at past hospital & public health experience so that the same mistakes are not made. Fulfills one criteria of staff training for the Baby Friendly Designation.

60 min.

New WHO Powdered Formula Preparation Safety Requirements

Helping moms who don’t breastfeed to keep their babies safe and sharing reality for those who partially breastfeed.

60 min.

Growth & Development of Baby in the First Year

Maternal misinterpretation that interferes with baby's needs. Learn the progression of growth and development and how to interpret it to parents for breastfeeding success.

60 min.

How to Assess Baby’s Suckle – Can’t He Do This Well?

Most think if his jaw is moving he is fine, but there is more to it than that. Learn how to do a complete suckling assessment and ways to work around it if baby is having trouble.

60 min.

New Changes in Human Milk Storage Protocols.

What is new in the hospital and the home setting. Wade through the conflicting information about this with practical advice for moms and the NICU.

30 Min.

Breastfeeding Gadgets.

What is helpful and what is not really necessary. Learn some simple principals for evaluating new products moms ask you about.

60 min.

“I don’t have enough milk!” Perceived Insufficient Milk Supply.

Explaining ways the mother can see the natural process and trust the system. She is reacting out of genuine fear and protection of her baby. Helping her to see what she cannot see.

60 Min.

Sore Nipples and Engorgement – Is There Anything New?

Evaluating old ways and new ways to bring mother relief and healing.

60 Min.