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Geddes Productions, LLCFinally a collection of breast slides that show many sizes, different areolas and nipples! All women's breasts do not look the same. Everyone can identify with the variety of different breasts drawn with a softness of femininity. 9 to 10 very different normal breasts in each slide set.


Set 1 also includes variations from the normal anatomy and are fabulous for instructing those new to the field of lactation as to what they may encounter.

1-9 Normal breasts of different sizes, shapes of areolas and different nipples.
10 Breast with faint tiny areola.
11 Areola covering two-thirds of the breast.
12 Redundant large nipple.
13 Hyperthelia/polythelia or supernumerary nipple on the breast.
14 Bifid nipple.
15-16 Hypermastia/polymastia - extra breast near axilla.
17 Breast augmentation with visible incision under breast.
18 Reduction mammoplasty with incision around areola under the breast.
19 Unilateral lack of glandular tissue.
20 One normal breast - the other with glandular tissue under the areola.
21 Close up of the breast with glandular tissue only under the areola.
22 Atonic nipple completely involuted into the breast.
23 Woman pulls out the same atonic nipple.
24 Surface galactocele on areola.
25 Pustule on tip the of the nipple.
26 White clogged nipple pore on the tip of the nipple.
27 Fissured nipple - looks like a slice.

Set number two

Set 2 also includes inverted nipples of all kinds and treatment ideas.

1-10 More normal breasts of different sizes, shapes of areolas and nipple differences.
11-12 Inverted nipples.
13 Inverted nipple close up.
14 Same inverted nipple retreats when pinched at the base.
15 Buried inverted nipple - nipple hardly visible.
16 One flat nipple & one inverted nipple (front view).
17 False pinch test where nipple appears to retract.
18 Same nipple protracts when skin pulled back to chest!
19 Pinch nipple reveals LONG nipple of woman nursing toddler.
20 Breast cup/shell to correct inverted nipple.
21 Hoffman's technique to stretch adhesions.
22 Woman holding flat nipple at the base so it retracts.
23 Same woman pulling skin of breast back to protract the same "flat" nipple.
24-26 Severely fissured nipples.
27 Nipple tip abraded off due to severe nipple trauma.


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