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Geddes Productions, LLCThe DVD INCLUDES the additional holds everyone has been asking for… the Side-Hold & Opposite-Hand-Hold!  It also includes a section on BABY SELF ATTACHES.

A must for the perfect start in breast feeding. The first in this series clearly shows the theory of proper attachment. Proper attachment actually prevents nipple soreness! The technique is then demonstrated live with a mother and baby. The simple "follow along" instruction reinforces learning. Perfect for pregnant women to follow along with a doll in a childbirth class, or new mothers in the hospital with the baby. The technique shown is so simple that new mothers learn it readily & have immediate success.

A Best Seller to hospitals all over the USA due to its reputation in learning retention & popularity with parents. Of all the attachment videos on the market, this is the most gentle approach!

A collection of teaching aids based on this video is also available.


I received the most awesome holiday present this year: your new self attachment video clips in the First Attachment DVD.  Yipee!!  Good work!!! - Karen Peters, MBA, RD IBCLC, Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles.

Just finished watching the two self-attachment segments on your DVD. WOW! FABULOUS!!! You are absolutely brilliant as a clinician, teacher, producer and more. Those visual segments are the BEST I've seen to date, and your gentle, soft words are truly "icing on the cake". - Linda J. Smith, BSE, FACCE, IBCLC

The explanation of the importance of the position of the infant's head while breastfeeding made a big difference right away!- A. Malsin


ISBN 1-885748-76-0


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